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Juvenile Dependency cases are confidential to protect the minor’s right to privacy. There is never a jury, there is never press and the public is excluded from the process. Evidence is routinely presented to the court by way of a social worker’s report and the participants sit at the table, so to speak, and review the evidence with the judicial officer. If a participant wishes to refute the evidence presented by the social worker, he or she generally must set the matter for a trial (also called a contested hearing) and present their own evidence.

Can I Participate in a Juvenile Dependency Case?

If you are seeking placement of children in the foster care system you must have a clean criminal record. Don't let one old conviction stop you from taking custody of a family member. You may be able to have a criminal conviction expunged.

Expungement of Criminal Records

If your case involved domestic violence allegations and you are ready to address these issues, it may become necessary to consider a legal separation or divorce. Here is some basic information regarding Divorce Law in California.

Divorce Law
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