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Who is Attorney Evelyn Cox?

Evelyn is a solo practitioner with a wealth of experience including work as a prosecuting attorney and a defender of parents in child protective custody cases. Evelyn draws upon her U.S. Peace Corps experience as well as her New York street smarts to work for you. She offers common sense direction and straight forward advice to her clients.
Evelyn’s background includes training and volunteer work in Sexual Assault Victim Witness Advocacy and Crisis Line Suicide Intervention as well as leadership in the field of Public Health addressing Minority Health issues in California. As a law student, Evelyn spent time in London England studying International Human Rights Law and successfully incorporates these principles in her legal arguments .Evelyn’s philosophy: “The law is always about fairness. My job is to understand my client and his or her unique situation and develop a strategy that will inform the court and other parties of why a certain outcome is the correct legal choice. Negotiation is always the preferred method of dealing with a legal crisis, and the fact that I am willing and able to take a matter to trial is the backbone of any successful negotiation. I am a trial attorney. Getting a fair trial is a right firmly rooted in our Constitution.”
Whether you think you may need a lawyer, or you know you need one, Evelyn Cox will help you define your legal needs and evaluate what you can afford. Education
Bachelor of Science, University of Washington
Juris Doctor, Rutgers School of Law