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What to Expect in a Consultation?

You may have been searching for a Juvenile Dependency Attorney for some time or perhaps you were just referred to my office. I am happy to discuss your situation with you and I do understand it may be very emergent or it may be something you have been dealing with for some time. Either way, my consultations are substantive, meaning I am going to advise you during our time together.
We may or may not decide you need to retain my office but you will surely leave the consult knowing more than you did when we started speaking.
I charge $210 for up to a one-hour consultation. I do these in my office in Sacramento or over the phone. Please complete my intake form to request a consultation. I will contact you for a brief phone call to set up your consultation. Your information is private and protected by attorney client privilege. I will not share your information at any time.I must check to ensure I have no immediate conflict. Your intake form is important. Please let me know the names of other parties involved. I will be in touch with you to set up a time to consult. I generally get back right away unless I am in trial or heavy trial preparation. I do sometimes make myself available on weekends but generally – I am available Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm.Juvenile Dependency is not simple. I often tell clients they will find themselves in a very subjective fishbowl. How to proceed depends on who the other people are in your particular fish bowl. It’s not just “What is the law?” “What are my rights?” “What do I say?” … but the question is also” Who am I dealing with?” One social worker could walk in to your family and think everything is fine, another might think further investigation is needed. A worker may go back to his or her superior and have to change position after discussing the case. If the matter goes to court, so much depends on what jurisdiction you find yourself in. Who is the judge? Who are the attorneys and how is that court room run?My job is to help you maneuver the juvenile dependency environment and help you advocate for yourself. I look forward to meeting you and hearing about what you are dealing with. I hope I can be of service to you. Do not give up the fight.

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MM slash DD slash YYYY MM slash DD slash YYYY Consult Fee is $250 Payable by Credit card. Consult is any portion of an hour and are up to one hour. Written materials can be emailed and will be reviewed at the start of the consultation. I understand this a consultation only. The Law Office of Evelyn A. Cox is not handling my case at this time and Evelyn A. Cox is not my attorney in this matter unless we execute a contract and agree on a retainer amount. Retainers are required in all cases and must be paid prior to attorney taking the case.